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Michelangelo's Pietà

Unfortunately, I do not have a background in art, so my presentation of this piece might seem quite basic. I propose to offer a reflection on the Pietà.

I was first introduced to the artwork by a catholic priest during a guided meditation. His focus was on the beauty of the Virgin. Rather than focusing on her beauty, I would like to share how this art has grown with me.

The brutality of the fact is that she is holding His dead body, broken. But it is her attitude that is beautiful and good. It can be seen in parallel with the Annunciation, where she received the news that she would hold new life in her. Three Latin words define the Annunciation – Ecce, Fiat, Magnificat (Lafrance, 2004). In Italian, the words would be Ecco, Fatto, Magnificat. I believe the scene of the Pietà runs parallel with the Ecce, ecco, here I am, after raising Your Son. Here are the remnants of the sword that has pierced my soul. Fiat, fatto, May Your will be done. May Your plan of redemption for humanity be done, I accept it. Magnificat, this is the part of the prayer that is yet to come, but I believe it is foreshadowed by the Resurrection story. And perhaps, I too, can offer the sorrows of my life as the Virgin offered hers.

Lafrance, J. and Audette, F., 2004. Abiding in God. [Montreal]: Médiaspaul.

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