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Modern Film - Azzurri: Road to Wembley

Modern film

On Netflix there are Italian films that are accessed through a subscription. The film I would like to share is Azzurri: Road to Wembley. This is quite an exciting film. It tells the story of the Azzurri, the Italian national soccer team and their journey to the European Cup 2021.

It is a beautiful film to see—namely the sense of community, how they strive for excellence, brotherhood, their rituals and Coverciano.

As for the cultural aspect, I believe that language can not be separated from culture and if possible the language should be taught with the culture. Soccer can not be denied in Italy. Although I am a rugby fan, this film was great. It made me realize that the film is not only about soccer, it is about excellence. There is a quote that Luca, one of the head coaches, shares in the film.

“L’onore spetta l’uomo nel arena, l’uomo in cui il suo viso è segnato di polvere, dal sudore e dal sangue. L’uomo che lotta con il coraggio si sbaglia ripetutamente sapendo che non c’è un impresa che sia priva di errori e mancanze. L’uomo che dedica tutto sé stesso al raggiungamento di un obiettivo, chi sa entusiasmarsi e impegnarsi fino in fondo, e che si spende per una causa giusta. L’uomo che, quando le cose vanno bene conosce finalmente il trionfo delle grandi conquiste e che quando le cose vanno male cade sapendo di aver osato. Quest’uomo non avrà mai un posto accanto a quelle anime mediocri che non conoscono nè la vittoria nè la sconfitta.”

English translation

“Honour is for the man in the arena. The man whose face is marked with dust, sweat and blood. The man that fights with courage who continuously makes mistakes knowing that an endeavour has errors and shortcomings. The man who gives all of himself to the accomplishment of a goal, who knows how to be excited and fully invested, and who gives himself for a good cause. The man, who knows great triumph when things go well and who knows that he tried when things go poorly. This man will never have a spot beside the mediocre souls that know neither victory nor defeat.”

A way to use Netflix to study Italian

**Given you are at least at the B1-B2 level**

The first viewing – purely listen with not subtitles, take notes of scenes where you are lost

The second viewing – with Italian subtitles

The third viewing – with English subtitles

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